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Is it Really Organic?

Because of the interventions to the natural content of the food and the pesticides used in agriculture lately, most of our community has turned to organic food and organic care products. However, the unknown point is that some products that say they are organic may not be organic in real terms. Many products may hold the organic label today; however, if they are not also holding a certification logo, it means that these products are not in accordance with the Organic Standards. It means that, unsuitable chemical-containing materials are used in addition to plant and fruit nectars.

Our purpose as OQON & saru is to enhance spiritual and physical life quality of the people. We actualize this purpose by providing environmentally friendly agricultural products and personal care products that are suitable to the human nature. To contribute to your future and the future of your children and everyone around you, we provide personal care products that are attained using organic agricultural products, and support organic and sustainable agriculture.


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