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ARGAN - Cleopatra's secret liquid gold

Cleopatra's Secret Liquid Gold

Monoi Argan Essential Oil

Argan essential oil has many benefits proved by many scientific researches. It could cure and provide protection on the skin, contains anti-aging properties, can boost the immunity mechanism, is fantastic for skin care, and ideal for massage therapy. Due to Argan essential oil's anti-inflammatory  and also calming properties on the skin, it can alleviate painful joints and is also soothing to painful muscle tissues. Furthermore, Argan essential oil is famous for providing comfort of varied arthritic and even rheumatic disorders.

Properties: Antioxydant, anti aging, Nourish & Moisturize, Rejuvenate tired skin, Reduce acne, Hydrate the hair, Enhance the elasticity of the hair, Strengthen the weakened hair strands.

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